Pembroke Loss Prevention is a boutique company headquartered in Boston. We are dedicated to uncovering the untold story behind your business and using it to further your strategy.

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We know what trends to look for because we have been right where you are. We worked for some of the largest QSR franchises behind the line and face to face with customers, just like you. We have managed customer service teams, navigated through front-end and corporate challenges, and identified areas for improvement. We love what we do and are passionate about working with the entire pipeline, from the C-suite to the customer.

We offer a unique, personal experience and are always available when you need us. With the reach and portfolio of a large-scale loss prevention company and the drive and familiarity of your own brand managers, we are determined to help you succeed. We are an extension of your company and will not rest until you are satisfied. Even then, we will continue identifying profitable areas for your business because we know there is no finish line to success!

The Yard

Meet the Leadership Team

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Bruno Mota and Kelly Del Fuoco are the driving forces behind Pembroke LP. They met in the QSR industry nearly ten years ago. After meeting and sharing their expertise, they recognized an opportunity to help business owners analyze video data to identify profit loss, as many business owners simply did not have the time to spend hours looking through video feed. They began offering services in this area and realized almost immediately that every business has an endless data supply, far beyond video, waiting to be analyzed for business trends. Pembroke LP has since expanded to offer services nationally, all while retaining the driven, passionate values it was born from.