Every business can profit from a strong loss prevention strategy. Let us help you define yours.

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Loss prevention goes far beyond the traditional definition of reducing theft and product loss. While we can certainly help you with that, we offer many other benefits to help your business tighten its workflow and increase profit. Here are some ways we can benefit your business.

Increase Sales, Customer Counts, and Profit

By analyzing the gold mine of data you already have on hand, we can help you identify business trends that directly correlate to success so you can alter your workflow accordingly.

Decrease Employee Turnover and Boost Morale

If you partner with us at the helm of your business, your employees can rest assured they are working in a morally sound environment where everyone is held accountable. Your best employees will be rewarded for their hard work and you will quickly be able to identify those who need additional training to feel successful, decreasing turnover due to dissatisfaction.

Proactively Monitor Sales and Operational Standards

You know what you want your business to look like, but it takes time to closely monitor your sales and operational standards, time that may be limited to you as a busy manager or owner. And a reactive approach does not work  — the damage will have already been done. We can take over the legwork so other business areas in development can thrive as you attend to them.

Keep Up with Industry Trends

Pembroke LP has years of data, analytics, and fluid algorithms that adapt to the environment as it changes. We also have a large network of businesses across the country with different demographics and social settings, allowing us to spot loss prevention trends before they trickle down to you. Our algorithms are always improving and we are constantly fine-tuning our dials. As your industry’s environment evolves, you will move along the sea of changes with ease with us on board.

Improve Customer Experience

Your customers are the backbone of your business, and their experience is essential. We can help your business make sure that experience is a positive one. We are experts at exploring a problem one layer at a time to thoroughly understand what is causing the trouble and will make sure your customers leave happy and satisfied.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Our methods help you understand where the bottleneck is taking place and where efficiency could be improved. We can help you improve labor costs and productivity by re-positioning your team in ways that play to their strengths while meeting business needs. Efficiency without efficacy does not work, and Pembroke LP will make sure each of your business locations run with a combination of both.

Reduce Unemployment and Insurance Claims

The video tells a story and we are happy to open its pages. Using CCTV surveillance footage, we can help decrease unemployment rates and fraudulent insurance claims by providing an unbiased perspective into the events that take place at your organization.