Pembroke LP offers loss prevention and consulting services across the entire pipeline, including our most requested services outlined below.

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If you are interested in exploring another avenue and do not see it listed, just ask. Odds are we already monitor for it. All ad-hoc requests are included. We provide a fully tailored service suited for your organization.

How It Works

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You will receive updates of verified findings from Pembroke LP via email in a simple format with all the information at your fingertips. Our approach is to be proactive rather than just reactive. If we see a potential bottleneck in your workflow, we will do our very best to make sure you are the first to know so it can be resolved before a crisis occurs.

Internal Theft MonitoringInternal Theft Monitoring

Internal theft and fraud can threaten even the savviest of business owners. In some cases, this internal theft can be malicious, but more often, an employee simply does not realize what they are doing is against company policy.

We monitor for internal theft, including:

  • Incorrectly ringing in orders
  • Inappropriate discounting
  • Giving away product for free
  • Taking unpaid product home
  • Fraudulent refunds

Operational AnalysisOperational Analysis

From operational standards to steps of service, we will show you where sales could be walking out the door. We know you are busy and cannot have your eyes in all places at once. Let us take over the analysis portion while you focus on management and innovation.

Some examples include:

  • Following company practices and procedures
  • Analyzing workflow and efficiency
  • Ensuring location is opening and closing on time
  • Identifying employees who may need additional training
  • Confirming managers are setting an example reflective of your business values

Corporate AuditingCorporate Auditing

Loss prevention does not stop on the floor. Best practices travel all the way up the corporate line. Consistent, thorough corporate auditing procedures are where the financial benefits become the most apparent, and we can help you tighten your workflow to attract even more success.

We can assist with any and all corporate auditing initiatives, including but not limited to:

  • Analyzing financial reports for better cash flow opportunities
  • Monitoring company vehicles via GPS tracking and schedule discrepancies
  • Cross-checking estimates and invoices with corresponding transactions
  • Reviewing full operational procedures and recommending areas for improvement

Incident EvidenceIncident Evidence

We know how important it is to have incident evidence for auditing and potential crisis purposes. We take great care to identify exact moments of time in your data records and zero in where necessary. The data tells a story. Let us tell you what it says about your business.

We will:

  • Provide CDs for insurance, fraud, or injury claims
  • Map back to an incident and provide to-the-minute data outlining what happened from start to finish
  • Help you identify employees who were present during an incident to initiate necessary follow up

Cash ManagementCash Management and Security Procedures

Money management goes beyond locking your funds in a safe. Poor cash handling procedures cause companies to lose money and leave employees working the floor vulnerable to security issues. We can help protect your team by identifying areas for improvement.

Customer Review MonitoringCustomer Review Monitoring

Your digital footprint is an essential part of your company brand, which means online customer reviews cannot be taken lightly. We monitor your reviews across all social platforms, pinpointing business opportunities and mapping back to security footage where necessary.